Halloween Creepapalooza! OCTOBER UPDATES!

It goes without saying that this is a big month here in the Pungent Basement. My collection of Horror movies have been unpacked as well as piles of Halloween decorations. Yes, I am the weirdo in your neighborhood that fill his yard up with polystyrene headstones and rubber/paper mache' monsters almost to the point of it being sad. I am a Suburban yard special effect wizard. My new neighborhood gets to see what kind of madness I can bring onto Forest Ave for the first time. Oh yea, there is a lot of pressure, but I can handle it. As long as that damn monster I made last year stops twisting around causing me to go outside several times a week to fix it.

Well, how did it go?

Wizard World at the end of August was great. If you didn't come by, it's your loss. Lots of art, lots of toys, and lots of people. I ran into many old friends including the fine crew over at Cheeselord Entertainment. Jon and Leo are truly fine fellas and I fully support their lifestyle choices. Look them up, you will see stuff you can't un-see.

New Stuff & Happening Things

Short notice but I am making an appearance Sunday, October 15th at the Brauerhouse in Lombard IL for the Hardcore Hearse Club's Haunted Weekend. I'll have NEW shirts, art, pumpkins and so much more Halloween stuff. It's my only show for Halloween so come on out Sunday only from 12-5.


Stuff I Have Burned Onto My Hard Drive This Month

Mick Jagger did a video (thank you Andy for bringing this to my attention) promoting the Tattoo You album way back in 1981. It was so effective that even I went and bought the album after I saw it three weeks ago. So I have Tattoo You on my hard drive and you get this video.

P.S.-It's Dong-a-Riffic.

I may or may not have these paintings in my art studio.

Thanks for checking in, keep in touch on Facebooks, or Instagrams, and I'll see you,