"Well that wasn't any better"-2017 Review

Just when you thought things couldn't be any more mentally taxing along comes the year Two-Thousand and Seventeen. At the recent Pungent Basement stockholders meeting we discussed this past year and ideas for the new year.

2017 list of reflections and projections.

1) I relocated the Pungent Art studios approximately .78 miles S/E from my former studio. Many positive changes came with the move including the addition of a refrigerator and a long awaited dirty rug for me to drop crumbs from my snacking. Still haven't vacuumed yet. Projection: Hang that Empire Strikes Back poster.

2) I did my first form of peaceful protest by joining the "Ides of Trump" postcard campaign. The idea was to flood our new Presidents mailbox with cards telling him he needs to quit his job. I'm fairly certain he had no idea this protest happened but....(insert your own Trump joke here) Projection: Continue to fight the power.

3) I lost a perfectly good tent to the hurricane force winds of Lombard Illinois. So tragic, both losing the tent AND me trying to fix it with duct tape and bungee cords during the storm. Also hilarious. Projection: Not going outdoors anymore.

4) I learned that Mick Jagger has a collection of dick paintings. Projection: Change your subject matter?

5) I think that I may have been effected by the "Lunar Eclipse A-Rama 2017" on a cellular level and I am waiting for my superpowers. Projection: Keep trying to lift heavy things like canned Ham or long boxes of comics.


Things I burned onto my hard drive this year.

Angry music and old man music again win this year. Some old stuff, some new stuff. Bottom line: I might need to lighten up next year.

Well that about wraps up this year. Special thanks to anyone that has taken an interest in my work and thanks to all the weirdos that I've met at shows and conventions in 2017. Maybe next time we meet things will be a little different. Who knows? Check back and see.

Check out my year in pictures below....