March Past April it's UPDATES!

The big news is that the Pungent Basement is currently being packed up and re-located several blocks away from its current location to a new, state of the art basement, with heat, light and possibly a refrigerator to store beverages and snacks. But fear not true believer, I will still be churning out sub-par weirdo art for my many legions of well wishers even though the basement will be different. It's all in the spirit people, all in the spirit. 

Instead of the usual monthly rants I'm cutting it short and only giving you some news headlines:

-Check my Instagram and Facebook for updates on my possible appearance at this year's C2E2.

-My new Cubs and Sox T-shirt designs will be out and in my store by the end of the month, if things go well I'll bring them to C2E2 on April 21-23.

-I am confirmed at this year's Hardcore Hearse show on June 10th, Days of the Dead Indianapolis on June 30-July 2nd, and Wizard World Chicago August 24-27. More news to come but lets not schedule the rest of the year right now, right?

It's a bigger deal for me to move than it is for you. I mean, all you have to do is just sit there and wait for me to bug you again.

I managed to go see a couple of shows this month, even though I should've been putting my shit in boxes, and the big surprise for me was seeing Power Trip at Chicago's Bottom Lounge. I'm old and I like that young people are playing music that sounds like something I would've been into back when I was sixteen. So, here is Power Trip:

Now I can unplug this computer and put it in a box.