Pre-Wizarding World August Updates!

Doing some research I have found that there are official dates for the "Dog days of Summer" and right now until August 11 we are sweaty as Sirius the Dog-star's ass. As I go sweat no less than two shirts a day unpacking the Pungent Studio. In the new Pungent Basement I have found a bunch of fun crap that somehow made it from the last house. Things like:

Dozens of Marvel Essentials comic trade paper backs, including Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night. Comics about a werewolf that rides a motorcycle.

"Overflow CD's", Music I'm too scared to put into my already full CD case upstairs because it may be too unsavory for family and friends and I don't want to explain that Goatwhore are really very good to any of my kids friends. So those CD's stay downstairs.

A Burger King Kids Meal toy from the 1997 Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition release. It's a cube with Yoda on one side and Darth on the other.

A rubber Chewbacca coin purse. Yea, Andy gave me that a million years ago. If you don't know who Andy is that's your fault.


The Hardcore Hearse club show in a windy parking lot proved to be very challenging but not impossible. My tent got trashed but I just sat with an umbrella and did my best to keep my art from flying on to I-355 northbound while seeing some old pals and meeting new ones. Thanks to my table neighbors for helping out. Later in the month I visited Indianapolis for Days of the Dead and besides working the show I ate at an old drive in called Mug N' Bun and it was a happy greasy slice of Indiana. But be sure not to burp too loud, there are other cars with their windows open.


I've got a lot of extra prints left over from the shows last month so be sure to check out the store for all the new stuff. It's a midsummer sale before the next show I have in August. More on Wizard World Chicago soon.


Municipal Waste made it on to my hard drive this month along with a dark depressing folk album by The Handsome Family. But I also spent a lot of time getting my Iron Maiden collection on the hard drive. I was inspired by a project I did for a friend of mine.

That's it for this month you sweaty bunch of weirdos, go play with the garden hose,