Wizarding World Information UPDATES!!!

The summer tradition of going to the Wizards Worlds Rosemont is right around the corner on August 24th through the 27th. That's a lot of days to dork out on pop culture so please be safe in your consumption of Batman fidget spinners. I've been going to these shows in some way shape or form since 1957 when Sterenko took his shirt off and bare knuckle boxed some kid who didn't believe he was Flash Gordon in the 1928 serials.

But here are THREE bits on info you'll need to enjoy the show more thoroughly:                                 

1) Pre-Order your tickets online and use the code word "PUNGENT" for 20% off your tickets!         

2) My table number is    F21                                                                                                                    

3) Go to Maria's Mexican Restaurant, but the trick is you have to find it. Trust me it's worth it.


New Stuff and Happening Things

It's a big show so I'll have a bunch of new stuff for you to see including NEW T-shirts, NEW prints and NEW 3D art. But guess what weirdo, you have to skip out of the line for Kevin Sorbo and come see me in artists alley. I mean, I did get you in for 20% off your ticket.

Stuff I Burned Onto My Hard Drive This Month                                                           

ZZ Top and Yes are the newest additions with a special impulse buy of Abbath's solo album. Ever since I saw him roll down that hill at some Metal festival I knew I needed that album. I never knew such evil could be that clumsy.


Well that's it for this month weirdos, come see me at Wizarding Worlds and say hey. Remember, cocktails are not necessary, but they are appreciated.